Have you ever had a good clear out, a good declutter, of your inbox of your handbag of the rooms in your house, cleared out the garage and made space?  Don’t you feel good, getting rid of the old stuff, making space for new stuff, good stuff that fits with where you are right now in your life? 

Have you ever done this for your brain? Your conscious mind is fine, it doesn’t really store stuff but your subconscious, wow that’s another story!!   Your subconscious mind is your hard drive, the hoarder of core beliefs and emotions from days and years gone by. 

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Mind Your Mind shows you the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ so you can not only find out what is in your hard drive mind but also how to declutter it, release it, get rid.  This is not a scientific book, however it does draw on the science from world famous scientists: Dr. David Hamilton; Dr. Bruce Lipton; Candace B Pert, Ph.D and Sam Thorpe. 

Mind your Mind shares with you how you can use words, and shows specifically which words to use, to release emotions and stuck negative and limiting core beliefs.  You can declutter your brain and update the strategies and beliefs that were put there from when you were as young as 1 year old.  Would you wear the same clothes you wore when you were 5, 10 or 15 years old? Exactly, neither would I.  So here is a great opportunity to give yourself a clear-out and declutter of outdated beliefs that could be blocking you from taking action in the here and now. 

A practical handbook that is accessible to anyone, wherever you are in the world.  We are all wired up in the same way no matter where you were born. 

How has core belief work helped others? Some comments from those that are using the  techniques:

“Doing core belief work as part of my self-care I am now more confident with a fear I had – getting on and off trains. Plus released baggage I’d been carrying around for years. Doing core belief work as part of my self-care has made me more confident in the things I feared.” Carol Clark

“By doing core belief work regularly it has been possible to help myself and others to become happier and more healthy in many aspects of living.  I see it as having a spring clean of stuck beliefs of self that hold us back and cause us pain. Pressing a reset button that’s sets us free! Thank you Amanda, the programme you have developed is life changing. xxx” Debbie Bales

“Doing core belief work as part of my self-care has helped me to identify issues, that may have been holding me back from fulfilling my full potential. I am now equipped to recognise core beliefs and any emotions attached to them, releasing them using the words that Amanda has taught me; in doing so I can continue to grow and flourish. Jane Taylor
Doing core belief work as part of my self care has helped me to understand myself better. I am what I am largely because of the limitations I have put on myself arising from these beliefs. My life circumstances have forced them upon me, and such enlightenment energises me to take some of my power back. The self-limiting beliefs represent roadblocks and detrimental attractor fields on my Soul journey toward optimal self-actualisation. It is both liberating and empowering to surface these beliefs, to view them objectively and to remove them, one by one, as a process during this journey. Barry Witton
“Doing core belief work as part of my self-care has helped me like nothing else has or couldSadie Martinez
By doing core belief work regularly I have been able to recover from anorexia and can finally love myself and feel confident exactly as I am. Kim Marshall

Author Bio

Amanda was born and raised in a small village, Blackshaw Head, in Calderdale, West Yorkshire.  Since then Amanda has lived in Heptonstall, Leeds, Near Drax Power Station, Harrogate, Devon, Wales, Singapore, Scotland, and a number of other places.  Amanda is back in Devon at the moment. 

Before she started writing books Amanda organised exhibitions at The NEC, Earls Court and outdoor venues across London, she has had an eclectic mix of jobs including Promotions and Events Manager for The Countryside Foundation for Education, Alton Towers (hotel and conference marketing team), she has been a landlady (and can pull a pint), she was one of the co-founding Directors of Hoarding Disorders UK (CIC) and contributed to Co-Director, Jo Cooke’s book ‘Understanding Hoarding’.  Amanda is an EFT practitioner and a professional dowser.  Amanda gained her BA (Hons) in Business Studies alongside working full time.  Currently, Amanda teaches Practitioners from all sorts of modalities Mind Your Mind Techniques to add to their practice. 

Amanda is a single mum to a beautiful daughter, they have lots of adventures together kayaking and exploring new places. Amanda has many interests, cooking, eating, making truffles, reading, playing lego, colouring in… but rating high in her love of life is walking along the beach in her much loved wellies followed by a hot chocolate with a wee whiskey in there, log fires and good pub grub. 

Amanda has always had a love for the power of words. Amanda is an expert in identifying and releasing emotions and core beliefs and loves to share with others how they can do this for themselves. 


  • I love receiving feedback…. here is some from a very happy mummy who has just completed the online course…..

    “I’ve finished the dowsing programme.  I just wanted to give you some feedback……

    My daughter hasn’t been able to sleep properly for months. So many core beliefs and hidden emotions wrapped up in this. She was back to having night terrors and being too afraid to sleep. Last night we had a go at clearing them, and guess what?! She fell asleep peacefully and did a full 12 hours ♥️

    So bloody happy, and she was too. I think this would be great for parents who want to help their kids. Not only is it proactive care but also strengthens connection/ bonds/ trust and emotional intelligence.

    Thank you EDT

  • Now that I’m a EDT practitioner I’m so excited to help people over come their issues and problems forever, Amanda is such a amazing and wonderful teacher, the course is easy to follow and understand and Amanda gives fantastic support and after care I honestly can’t recommend this course and Amanda enough, she really is the best teacher and such a warm and friendly person definitely the best course I’ve ever done.

    Maria Hall, Exeter UK
  • “Amanda is a lovely, down to earth, funny lady but at the same time professional. I would recommend this workshop to anybody with an interest in looking after themselves. It was very informative, spooky at times and also very funny.
    The notes were nicely presented but without brain overload.”

    Sadie, Exmouth

Very excited for episode 4 out later today.

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Jacqui Crooks is an #EFT Founding Master and she takes us through a little tap-a-long at the end to help heal #ancestral issues we may have inherited that are no longer working for us.

Jacqui also talks about her upcoming live event on 31st July, 2021 alongside and including @tapwithbrad and #SteveWells

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What's it all about?

Here's a sneak at the contents...

Mind Your Mind: Using the power of words

Available on #amazon #Waterstones #thebookdepository #barnesandnoble and many other #book shops around our wonderful world.

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Ooh what's that?

Another book!! Due for release mid-August, 2021.

More details to follow in the next few weeks.

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Join me as I chat #stressrelease with the US stress expert Paty 'Mariposa' Hernandez

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What if it isn't difficult to get rid of limiting core beliefs? Things like...

I am useless
I am never heard
I am not safe
I am not important

What if we don't try to consciously work it out?

Our conscious mind runs at 2,000 bits per second, our subconscious runs at 400 billion bits per second.

Mind Your Mind Techniques show you how to get your fast bit of kit to do the work.

Hand it over to your hard drive 🥳


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Join me as I talk to a #stress release #expert from the US. Paty 'Mariposa' Hernandez.

Paty gives us some superhints around stress

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Join me as I chat to Paty Hernandez from the US, a stress release expert.

And we could all do with a bit of that right now!

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4TN Wellbeing podcast out this Wednesday.

Tune in to episode 3 and listen to Stress Release expert Paty 'Mariposa' Hernandez from the US talking about her work and sharing superhints.

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4TN Wellbeing Podcast

Coming up this week, I talk to stress release expert in the US, Paty 'Mariposa' Hernandez.

Superhints ahoy!

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Episode two, out now!

Ancient Wisdom Therapy...

...what's that all about?

Find out when I chat to Jane Taylor @taylormadetherapy.co.uk

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Mind Your Mind Techniques deal with your superfast subconscious mind so you don't have to get your conscious mind all in a knot when you are clearing out core beliefs.




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Ancient Wisdom Therapy...

What's that all about?

Find out tomorrow with episode two of 4TN's wellbeing podcast. I'll be talking to Jane Taylor from @taylormadetherapy.co.uk

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Episode 2 of the 4TN Wellbeing Podcast with me Amanda Peet, this Wednesday you can hear me talking to @taylormadetherapy.co.uk about Ancient Wisdom Therapy... oooh... follow on spotify so you don't miss us.

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Another sneak preview from Episode 1, Episode 2 out on Wednesday...


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Little taster from Episode 1 when I talk to Ruby McGuire about EFT/Tapping.

Available now on Spotify.

Wellbeing by 4TN with me Amanda Peet

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Another 5⭐ review.

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Whether you are a dowser, whatever your experience, or a newbie. The Dowsing Programme is a online course where you can learn how to use this amazing tool for all sorts in today's time.

The masterclasses include identifying and releasing #emotions and #corebeliefs.

Happy Days!! ☀️☀️


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