Amanda is the founder of Mind Your Mind, and author of ‘Mind Your Mind: using the power of words’ and ‘Where Does Time Go?’

Amanda is very proud of her work within the world of Hoarding and was a founding Director of Hoarding Disorders UK – CIC, a community interest company that was set up in January 2014 with Jo Cooke. Amanda continues to work with hoarders and you can catch up with some advice in this field via the YouTube channel with a series called ‘Pop up with Mandi’.

Amanda also contributed to Jo Cooke’s book ‘Understanding Hoarding’ and has contributed a chapter about core beliefs for Jo’s next book ‘Overcoming Chronic Disorganisation’.

Find Mind Your Mind on YouTube @Mind-Your-Mind

Mind Your Mind - The Book

Mind Your Mind: Using The Power of Words

Written by Amanda in 2020, this book gives you the science behind the techniques as well as the techniques themselves.  This book is for anyone wanting to learn how to identify and clear stuck emotions and limiting core beliefs by using words.



Where Does Time Go?

Published in print for the first time in 2021, comes a short read to help you do a time stocktake.  This easy exercise will help you work out where your time goes and choose what you want to spend your life minutes on going forwards.  In order to move forwards or make changes sometimes you need to see where you are at.  Working out how you spend your time is an ideal place to start.

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