About Amanda

I am currently living with my family in Exmouth, Devon, enjoying the sea air and exploring the South West of England.

Over the past 25 years, I have worked with clients and for employers from a wide range of industry sectors including Education & Training Organisations, Publishing, Charitable & Not for Profit Organisations, Well-Being, Business Development, Events & Exhibition Organisation’s, Conferences and Venues, Agricultural, Countryside and Environment. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up so I went from job to job and never had a particular career path but seemed to fall into different careers that would suit me for a while and then I’d move or move on.

“I found EFT or maybe EFT found me,
whichever way round, it was a massive turning point for me.”

I never wanted to work with clients, but wanted to do the EFT qualifications so that when I was Tapping myself I knew I was doing it right. For 2 years I turned into a sponge and on a daily basis was tapping as well as reading, watching and learning about all the wonderful fascinating things around energy work. During that 2 years I also spent a lot of time on my own mental health and after suffering from depression for a long time, found a new freedom in life that was good and worth living for. Since qualifying as an EFT Practitioner in 2011, I haven’t stopped working with clients, although I didn’t originally want to work with clients I did want to share the wonderful effects of EFT.

Around this time I also came across dowsing and after 2 weeks of practice I felt confident this was going to add to my life and wow, has it ever!!

Dowsing is a great tool that I use with clients in EFT sessions, hence the creative Emotional Dowsing Techniques were born.

In 2013 I was working and living in Newbury, Berkshire when I met a professional declutterer, Jo Cooke. Instantly we clicked and within a few weeks we were beavering away on a joint project to help those affected by Hoarding Disorders by combining our skills and developing an 8 step plan. In January 2014, “Hoarding Disorders UK – Community Interest Company” was born. Since moving away, although I am no longer a Director, I have maintained my involvement with the Hoarding world (www.hoardingdisordersuk.org) and a strong network of colleagues who are at the forefront of this field.


  • I love receiving feedback…. here is some from a very happy mummy who has just completed the online course…..

    “I’ve finished the dowsing programme.  I just wanted to give you some feedback……

    My daughter hasn’t been able to sleep properly for months. So many core beliefs and hidden emotions wrapped up in this. She was back to having night terrors and being too afraid to sleep. Last night we had a go at clearing them, and guess what?! She fell asleep peacefully and did a full 12 hours ♥️

    So bloody happy, and she was too. I think this would be great for parents who want to help their kids. Not only is it proactive care but also strengthens connection/ bonds/ trust and emotional intelligence.

    Thank you EDT

  • Now that I’m a EDT practitioner I’m so excited to help people over come their issues and problems forever, Amanda is such a amazing and wonderful teacher, the course is easy to follow and understand and Amanda gives fantastic support and after care I honestly can’t recommend this course and Amanda enough, she really is the best teacher and such a warm and friendly person definitely the best course I’ve ever done.
    Maria Hall, Exeter, UK
  • “Amanda is a lovely, down to earth, funny lady but at the same time professional. I would recommend this workshop to anybody with an interest in looking after themselves. It was very informative, spooky at times and also very funny.
    The notes were nicely presented but without brain overload.”

    Sadie, Exmouth
  • I absolutely love working with Amanda and EDT, I’m getting fabulous results with clients using EDT since training with Amanda to be a Practitioner. I run a coaching business and it’s the perfect complement to other modalities that I use. Aside from clearing lots of emotions, we’ve also cleared money and success blocks where my clients have signed up new clients themselves, and brought in money and new opportunities within a day or two of doing the work with me. I love that you can blend EDT with what you already use. The course itself is great, but Amanda also offers amazing after care too so that you feel fully supported in your ongoing work. I live in Scotland and couldn’t make the journey to the training in Devon, so I attended the training virtually. It was as if I was there with everyone, loved it! If you want to help your clients, and like a bit of woo, then sign up. You won’t regret it!

    Ruby McGuire, Business Coach and Mentor


Would you like to learn this simple tool? It can be life changing!

Courses include

  • 8 Masterclass videos to watch at your own pace
  • 7 resource sheets to download
  • Access to a closed facebook group for our own dowsing community and a place to share progress. Bonus resource sheets, updates and links to additional free resources will be posted in this group too.

There are no pre-requisites to do The Dowsing Programme only that you have to be 18 and take full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

Testimonial from our very talented and experienced Maria Hall.

Maria has great success with her clients using EDT. You can find her details on our Practitioner page. www.amandapeet.org.uk

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Testimonial from the wonderful and very talented Ruby McGuire.

Ruby uses EDT within her business where she coaches other people who are in business.

#edt #dowsing #mentalhealth #corebeliefs #emotions #selfcare #wellbeing #AmandaPeet #MindYourMind #words #rubymcguire

It's World Kindness Day 🥳🥰❤

"Everything we say and everything we do should be kind"

To ourselves and to each other

Easy peasy lemon 🍋 squeezy

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I specialise in helping people to clear out their old stuck emotions and core beliefs.

Founder of EDT and The Dowsing Programme.

I teach EDT to Practitioners.

Author of a book 'Mind your Mind - using the power of words'... to be published soooon!

My mission: Happy shiny people 😁

If you're not OK, tell someone. Say it outloud to yourself first to practice, but do tell someone.

The stats are 1 in 4 suffer from mental health issues.

I think we all are affected by mental health issues.

We all experience emotions, we all experience life events. It's not a them and us, it's all of us helping each other ❤

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Fantastic results from Maria Hall, EDT Practitioner, Exeter, Devon, UK

www.amandapeet.org.uk and look up Practitioner's, here you will find the lovely Maria

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My book is nearly written and I'm feeling just a bit giddy about it!!

What's it about? Oh I'll tell you, my favourite subject...

It talks about emotions and core beliefs, how they get into our minds and how we can get them out with Words!!

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My lovely EDT Practitioners are having some great success this week, helping people with words to get rid of words that are not helping, words that other people put there and we believed them...for whatever reason.

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Dowsing is a great tool to identify what is stuck, the ring leaders of your core beliefs. Then using words EDT, releases it from your system....leaving a happier you and a you that is more you and less all the crap that other people put there.

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We hear words, say words, write words and read words and they all make us feel a different way depending on our life experiences.

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Anyone can do this, anyone can use the power of words to clear all the stuff that they no longer need.

Clearing the intensity of an emotion around a memory doesn't remove the memory, it just makes it a better place to visit instead of using energy to do everything you can to avoid it.

If you want to join The Dowsing Programme and learn how to do this visit http://amandapeet.org.uk/level-1-online/

Feel free to send a message if you have any questions xx

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Places available on the dates shown.

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Most therapies start with you explaining what has happened......what was your life experience?

This is a way to miss out that part and go straight to your hard drive to see what is limiting you from being free of the attachment to life events that are in the past.

#mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #emotions #corebeliefs #Mindset

Understanding how core beliefs and emotions really does help to understand how words can powerfully shift them, change them and get rid of outdated stuff that is holding you back from living your best life.

I teach Practitioner's how to use the power of words within their current practices to help their clients.

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