Emotional Dowsing Techniques

Developed by Amanda, EDT is a creative combination of Dowsing and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Tapping as it is also known.

Most people have heard of dowsing in order to find water, but this ancient tool can be used by anyone to keep a check on their own personal health and wellbeing. Amanda brings dowsing right up to date and shows you how it can be used for modern living.

EFT or Tapping uses acupressure points, the same as those used in acupuncture. Another wonderful tool from ancient times drawn from Chinese medicine and wisdom.

Have a look at The Dowsing Programme if you would like to learn yourself or if you would like to experience an EDT session then enquire about availability with Amanda via the contact page.


for those who don’t want dowsing you can have a Tapping session with no dangling involved.

a combination of EFT and dowsing.

The Dowsing Programme
Find out how to dowse and see how easy it is to do yourself and fit into your day to day life.


  • “After only one extremely fascinating and enjoyable session with Mandy I feel as if there has been a significant shift in how I think and feel. Am surprised and very grateful for the difference this has made. I would recommend anyone who feels stuck or held back by emotions, thoughts, feelings, behaviours, anything really, to consider trying this approach. Amanda was calm sensitive and thoroughly professional during the session. Thank you!”

    Georgia, Stirlingshire
  • “Three sessions of EFT with Mandy has made an incredible positive difference for myself and my two children. Mandy’s sensitive perceptive and patient approach was immensely supportive. I can’t recommend EFT with Mandy enough.”

    Hannah, Stirlingshire
  • “I have been swapping treatments with Amanda and discovered the many benefits of EFT. I found it fascinating and Amanda is a caring, patient and very knowledgeable therapist and put me at ease very quickly. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”

    Frederique, Stirlingshire
  • “Absolutely Loved it!

    Carol, Exmouth
  • “Amanda is a lovely, down to earth, funny lady but at the same time professional. I would recommend this workshop to anybody with an interest in looking after themselves. It was very informative, spooky at times and also very funny.
    The notes were nicely presented but without brain overload.”

    Sadie, Exmouth
  • I absolutely love working with Amanda and EDT, I’m getting fabulous results with clients using EDT since training with Amanda to be a Practitioner. I run a coaching business and it’s the perfect complement to other modalities that I use. Aside from clearing lots of emotions, we’ve also cleared money and success blocks where my clients have signed up new clients themselves, and brought in money and new opportunities within a day or two of doing the work with me. I love that you can blend EDT with what you already use. The course itself is great, but Amanda also offers amazing after care too so that you feel fully supported in your ongoing work. I live in Scotland and couldn’t make the journey to the training in Devon, so I attended the training virtually. It was as if I was there with everyone, loved it! If you want to help your clients, and like a bit of woo, then sign up. You won’t regret it!


Would you like to learn this simple tool? It can be life changing!

Courses include

  • 8 Masterclass videos to watch at your own pace
  • 7 resource sheets to download
  • Access to a closed facebook group for our own dowsing community and a place to share progress. Bonus resource sheets, updates and links to additional free resources will be posted in this group too.

There are no pre-requisites to do The Dowsing Programme only that you have to be 18 and take full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.