Hoarding Behaviours

If you are one of the many people who are affected by Hoarding Disorder or hoarding behaviours, please be assured that there is help out there to help you get back to using your home as a home.

Here is a link to the YouTube series, ‘Pop up with Mandi’ where I talk to a lovely lady who realised her mental health issues were more than that.

Hoarding Behaviours – YouTube

Mandi is on a journey and is acknowledging and accepting her mental health, recognising the result has manifested itself in hoarding behaviour/hoarding disorder and has been/is working to change this and her life.

In this mini-series, Mandi shares who and what has helped her along her journey, so far. Mandi is keen to share this information with others that are in a similar situation to help share hope, knowledge and show that help is available, if you want it and want to change – the ‘road of recovery’ can only begin after the ‘road of recognition’ is acknowledged and accepted, this is often the case with many addictions/compulsions to do something which ultimately may cause harm to a person’s quality of life, to themselves, partners, friends, family and those around them.

Mandi also featured on Channel 5’s ‘Hoarders: Buried Alive series, season 1, episode 2, produced and supported by Crackit Productions, she agreed to feature to speak up, and speak out to support others who didn’t always feel they have a voice and to help break any stigma surrounding the mental health condition.

Click here to see the episode: https://www.channel5.com/show/hoarders/season-1/hoarders-021329db-728d-498a-b8e7-ed48b73f2fd0


Amanda Peet was a founding Director of Hoarding Disorders UK – CIC, a community interest company which now works all over the UK. Amanda has helped many clients (with and without hoarding behaviours) to find their goals/direction, achieve those goals and improve their lives. Amanda draws on her expertise in the field of ‘Mindset’ to help clients overcome obstacles, fears and blocks to moving forwards.

Amanda is passionate about helping people to build resilience, clear out past mind clutter linked to ‘life events’ so that when life events do happen, that person is better equipped to deal with them in the here and now. With her expertise in personal development, she helps her clients overcome their limiting beliefs to realise their full potential and to make the most of opportunities. She offers a range of coaching services, including one-to-one coaching, mentoring, online courses and is committed to providing a supportive and empowering environment for her clients.

Amanda is the author of ‘Mind Your Mind : using the power of words’ and ‘Where Does Time Go?’  Amanda also contributed to Jo Cooke’s book ‘Understanding Hoarding’ You can find out more at www.amandapeet.org.uk Here is a list of organisations who may be able to help you if you are affected by or supporting those with hoarding behaviours:

Clouds End CIC – Hoarding Support Services – Clouds End CIC

Hoarding Disorders UK – CIC – Home – Hoarding Disorders UK

Hoarding UK – Hoarding UK | Promoting Choice & Control since 2008

Rainbow Red – (Ice Breaker form) – Rainbow Red – Professional Decluttering, Organising & Project Management

NHS – Hoarding disorder – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Mind – What is hoarding? – Mind


‘Pop up with Mandi’ – This series was produced for Hoarding Awareness Week 2023 which runs from Monday 15th May through to Friday 19th May, 2023.  All videos are now live.


Intro – link to YouTube – https://youtu.be/vkSDx7iog1w

Episode 1 – link to YouTube – https://youtu.be/lKU9DYeJbfI

Episode 2 – link to YouTube – https://youtu.be/Yt7dPVF9p0M

Episode 3 – link to YouTube – https://youtu.be/6e8cpWgH9TA

Episode 4 – link to YouTube – https://youtu.be/yQC_a-a_weY

Episode 5 – link to YouTube – https://youtu.be/1fAThQZlCiw

Episode 6 – link to YouTube – https://youtu.be/27dV4I60opg

Episode 7 – link to YouTube – https://youtu.be/LZlrdvhMOF8

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