The Dowsing Programme

Level 1 – Face to Face

The Dowsing Programme’ is open for anyone to use for their own personal use.  This is also Level I of the Practitioners course if you are planning to do Level II and III and use EDT with your clients.

You can do The Dowsing Programme online in the comfort of your own home for £150

If you would prefer a one to one, you can book Amanda Peet to do Level I face to face, in Devon, UK (for further afield there will be a travel charge) or via video call.

4 Hours £300

Please note the one to one will not cover all the Masterclasses as per the online programme. (see below).

Here you can learn how to use dowsing for your own wellbeing looking at identifying and clearing emotions and core beliefs as well as learning how to do a core belief balance. Any level of dowsing welcome and if you have never dowsed before you can learn during the course.

The One to One Course will include

✓   Choose your perfect dowsing instrument
✓   Learn how to get yourself out of the way so you can use the magic of dowsing
✓   Deal with your own stuff as it comes up (it will!) this will show you how to deal with your emotions and reactions
✓   Use easy and simple ways to practice that builds your confidence with dowsing and you can do them anywhere!


✓   Asking the right questions for your best outcome
✓   Work with lists


✓   Deal with your own mental stress and emotions
✓   Look at your reactions to others actions and words and if it’s no good for you then clearing it away
✓   Find and clear emotions that are stuck or ready for releasing, another one to do with the lists provided that you can use time and time again.


✓   A great resource, a list of ‘Core Beliefs’ that you can dowse your way through and see what needs clearing for you at this time. This will become another resource that you won’t want to file away.
✓   Finding and clearing core beliefs explaining how many and how often you should do this and why