Most people who have heard of dowsing think about finding water with 2 rods, 2 sticks or a pendulum.  Amanda uses dowsing in her day-to-day life and as an investigation and confirmation tool and with clients and during training.
Amanda has been a Professional Dowser since 2009 and is on the council for her local group ‘Devon Dowsers’ which has over 150 members in the South West as well as other distant members from various parts of the world.  She also facilitates the Dowsing Development group for the organisation.
Amanda has taught many people to dowse and in response to the interest from across the globe, Amanda put her course online in 2018.  You can scroll down to find out more about Amanda’s online course, ‘The Dowsing Programme’ and to sign up.
Amanda is asked regularly to run talks with other dowsing groups around the UK, showing them how to use the Techniques in her book, ‘Mind Your Mind, using the power of words’ with their dowsing skills.  Over the years, Amanda has spoken at many events including The University of Worcestershire for The British Society of Dowsers.


The Dowsing Programme

Level 1 – Online

Who said it has to be hard work to deal with your “stuff”? That’s just a limiting core belief that we can clear away and make room for, ‘life is good moments’ every day. Dowsing is an Ancient tool that can be used in amazing ways in your day to day living, in the here and now.

Would you like to learn this simple tool? It can be life changing!

If you don’t know where to start, here is a good place. Give yourself the gift of a tool that is with you lifelong, that can help you through life’s adventures. It will help you to take on the right opportunities and politely decline the ones that are not right for you.



✓   8 Masterclass videos to watch at your own pace
✓    7 resource sheets to download
✓    Access to a closed facebook group for our own dowsing community and a place to share progress. Bonus resource sheets, updates and links to additional free resources will be posted in this group too.

There are no pre-requisites to do The Dowsing Programme only that you have to be 18 and take full responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.


Getting started with dowsing

In this Masterclass I will be showing you how to:
✓   Choose your perfect dowsing instrument
✓   Learn how to get yourself out of the way so you can use the magic of dowsing
✓   Deal with your own stuff as it comes up (it will!) this will show you how to deal with your emotions and reactions
✓   Use easy and simple ways to practice that builds your confidence with dowsing and you can do them anywhere!


The magic of lists

In this Masterclass I will be showing you how to
✓   • Ask the right questions for your best outcome
✓   • Work with lists, so much fun, starting with your shopping list


Sort your head out

In this Masterclass I will be showing you how to:
✓   Deal with your own mental stress and emotions
✓   Look at your reactions to others actions and words and if it’s no good for you then clearing it away
✓   Find and clear emotions that are stuck or ready for releasing, another fun one to do with lists provided that you can use time and time again.


Ditch those core beliefs

Good news another list!
Not a to do list though, this is a list of ‘Core Beliefs’ that you can dowse your way through and see what needs clearing for you at this time. This will become another resource that you won’t want to file away.

Finding and clearing core beliefs explaining how many and how often you should do this and why.


Your body knows the answer

Checking what your system wants, this Masterclass shows you how you can check in with yourself and find out what is good for you right now in terms of
✓   Food
✓   Water
✓   Sleep
✓   Exercise

Making sure your basic needs are being met and cared for.


Modern day dowsing

Dowsing can save you so much time and energy when used correctly.
This Masterclass show you how you can check things that affect our modern day living including… Should I check Facebook right now!


Energetic Clear out

This week we will be looking at Dowsing in your home, workplace and garden to improve the energies of your environment.
Energies and negative energies can get stuck in all sorts of weird and wonderful places around our environment, this is a great way to have an energetic clearout.


Putting it all together

Masterclass roundup. By now you should be well practiced and comfortable doing the demonstrations shown in the video:
✓   Getting a strong yes and no signal from your dowsing tool
✓   Identifying emotions and clearing them
✓   Identifying core beliefs and clearing them
✓   Checking what your system wants in terms of food, water, sleep and exercise
✓   Checking items for day to day living
✓   Sleep
✓   Identifying and clearing energies in your home, workplace and garden


As soon as you sign up to The Dowsing Programme, you can become a member straight away to our Facebook Community.

This is a closed group for anyone that is doing or has done The Dowsing Programme, Dowsing Live or a One to One Masterclass.

You can ask Amanda any questions here or just have a chat amongst yourselves, helping each other and sharing more about the wonderful world of dowsing.

Your group to use the way you want.


If you would rather pay by BACS, please email
and request that you would like to sign up manually.



Has your enthusiasm and zest for life dwindled?

This happens so much with life event after life event sometimes knocking us over, sometimes without time to deal with it before another comes along, all of this compounded can leave us feeling like:

  • You can’t help yourself and you are waiting for others to give you the answers before you can move on with your life
  • You have no time for anything
  • Telling yourself you can’t be happy until…..such a such happens
  • Telling yourself you are not good enough
  • Feeling like you are less than
  • You have low self esteem
  • You have low self worth
  • Telling yourself that everyone is better than you
  • Wondering why no-one else is stuck with all this mind chatter as much as you are
  • Feeling like you are a prisoner to your own mind and thoughts
  • Feeling overwhelmed, pretty much all the time
  • Telling yourself you have to do things to please others
  • Feeling like you are never in control of your life
  • Wondering why things that have happened to you, life events, are in control of your present and your future
  • Feeling like you can never be free
This can be down to all sorts of reasons
  • Stuck emotions and stuck core beliefs that once were right for you and are now outdated or maybe they were never right for you and are continuing to block and limit you.
  • Repeating patterns that no longer serve you
  • Repeating family patterns that you have inherited
  • Trouble making decisions
  • Spending a lot of time procrastinating without achieving anything
  • Blocking yourself with things you didn’t even know were there
  • Feelings of uncertainty that you are making the right decisions


Imagine having a tool that can help you to deal with all of those things. As you are using the tool you are feeling the benefits straight away.

Imagine a new way of being, unburdened from the build up of emotions. Imagine:

  • Being able to heal your past and be free to love your present and future
  • Regaining control of your life in all areas
  • Being free of the mind clutter and finding a fun and easy way to do it along the way
  • Feeling empowered and connected to be your true you and feeling more aligned with your authentic self. Standing in your own personal power and regaining your clarity and strength
  • Making decisions that are right for you and using a tool that confirms you are on the right path, tapping into universal energy
  • Strengthening your personal resilience so when life throws you a stressful or challenging life event, you can keep your calm and deal with it, knowing that all will be well
  • Feeling a sense of purpose, clarity and calm


There are so many benefits of Dowsing for your own wellbeing, we will all use dowsing for different reasons because we are all at different stages in our lives:

  • You will feel emotionally more in control
  • Your personal confidence will increase, you will be standing straighter, feeling lighter and more in align with your true self
  • You will learn to stand in your own personal power and that it is safe to do so
  • Your relationships with others will improve
  • You will give yourself the gift of personal transformation at your own pace
  • You will feel empowered at how much you can do for yourself with the help of dowsing
  • Dowsing will save you so much time and is wonderful confirmation of the direction you are going in and the decisions you are making

After completing “The Dowsing Programme” you should be able to:

  • Use your dowsing tool effectively
  • Identify key emotions, blocks and family patterns that are holding you back and clear them
  • Identify limiting core beliefs that are affecting you, many of which you will have picked up sub-consciously along the way and clearing them
  • Check with your own system and identify your own needs in terms of which foods, how much water, how much sleep and how much and which exercise is good for you at that moment
  • Use your dowsing tool to help with indecision and procrastination for modern living, saving you time and energy for the good stuff
  • Identify and clear energies in and around your home, workplace and garden
  • Be part of an online community sharing dowsing experiences that you can dip into and out of at anytime you decide