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“I had the pleasure of attending the talk you gave as part of the Devon and Cornwall Police WellFest last week. Your talk really resonated with me and I purchased your book during the talk as it tapped into some things I’d already thought about, but you greatly expanded on those thoughts.

I did my first exercise on Saturday and had a brilliant ‘snooze’ afterwards (is over 2 hours a snooze or a sleep)? I’m happy to say that I’m still in disbelief about how quickly I’ve seen results. I keep saying the beliefs and emotions out loud and yep, no response. I’m absolutely amazed.”  With kind permission from Maddie Meier, Devon And Cornwall Police


“I had a very abusive childhood filled with domestic violence and had therapy in my early 30’s as I was triggered when my father was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I’m in a much better place and was able to forgive my Dad while he was still alive. I wanted him to leave this world at peace and was shocked when he made a heartfelt apology before he died. My aim is to use your technique to clear out the residue of my childhood (and some adulthood) events so to speak, but there’s one memory I’m stuck with that hits all the senses.

One evening (I was in mid-teens) my Mom asked if I wanted a cup of tea, I said no, but she made one anyway. When she put it on the coffee table she said if I didn’t drink it I could pour it away later. My Dad heard all this and didn’t say anything. An hour later, it was still there, stone cold and with a skin on top. Long story short he forced me to drink it, saying I shouldn’t have asked for it if I didn’t want it and that it was a waste of tea and milk etc. He knew I had refused it, so I saw that it was a clear powerplay.

The problem I have now is that anything related to a cup of tea, or something with a skin on top makes me feel really nauseous. I just have to smell/see/think about tea and I’m triggered. Obviously being a Brit I have a lot of people in my life who drink tea and I would just love to be able to make them a cup without all the nausea.  With kind permission from Maddie Meier, Devon And Cornwall Police


Amanda is a miracle worker! After months (years!) of struggling with procrastination around getting my book into the world, she helped me to clear the core beliefs getting in my way, helped me to work out the perfect time for the book to go live and the sense of relief is huge. I now have my timetable worked out, know what to do and I’m doing it!! Thanks so much Amanda  Jacqui Crooks, EFT Founding Master


Amanda: I helped a lady with an extreme fear of dentists. So much so that she would be sat in fear and crying in the waiting room.  In a one hour session, we decluttered limiting beliefs and stuck emotions linked to that fear. I received this wonderful message the following week.

Flippty dodahs, I’ve just had a filing done with no anaesthetic no tears and no pain.  Dentist tried to convince me to have injection I was in control.  No no no.  Both he and the nurse were surprised that I was so calm.  Thank you so much for helping me to process the fear.


“Doing core belief work as part of my self-care I am now more confident with a fear I had – getting on and off trains. Plus released baggage I’d been carrying around for years. Doing core belief work as part of my self-care has made me more confident in the things I feared.”  Carol Clark


“By doing core belief work regularly it has been possible to help myself and others to become happier and more healthy in many aspects of living. I see it as having a spring clean of stuck beliefs of self that hold us back and cause us pain. Pressing a reset button that’s sets us free! Thank you Amanda, the programme you have developed is life changing. xxx”  Debbie Bales


“Doing core belief work as part of my self-care has helped me to identify issues, that may have been holding me back from fulfilling my full potential. I am now equipped to recognise core beliefs and any emotions attached to them, releasing them using the words that Amanda has taught me; in doing so I can continue to grow and flourish.  Jane Taylor


Doing core belief work as part of my self care has helped me to understand myself better. I am what I am largely because of the limitations I have put on myself arising from these beliefs. My life circumstances have forced them upon me, and such enlightenment energises me to take some of my power back. The self-limiting beliefs represent roadblocks and detrimental attractor fields on my Soul journey toward optimal self-actualisation. It is both liberating and empowering to surface these beliefs, to view them objectively and to remove them, one by one, as a process during this journey.  Barry Witton


“Doing core belief work as part of my self-care has helped me like nothing else has or could” Sadie Martinez


By doing core belief work regularly I have been able to recover from anorexia and can finally love myself and feel confident exactly as I am.  Kim Marshall


Amanda is a lovely, down to earth, funny lady but at the same time professional. I would recommend this workshop to anybody with an interest in looking after themselves. It was very informative, and also a lot of fun. The notes were nicely presented but without brain overload.” Sadie, Exmouth


“I just wanted to give you some feedback……

My daughter hasn’t been able to sleep properly for months. So many core beliefs and hidden emotions wrapped up in this. She was back to having night terrors and being too afraid to sleep. Last night we had a go at clearing them, and guess what?! She fell asleep peacefully and did a full 12 hours ♥️

So bloody happy, and she was too. I think this would be great for parents who want to help their kids. Not only is it proactive care but also strengthens connection/ bonds/ trust and emotional intelligence.

Thank you x”






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