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As well as being a guest on the following shows, I was also host to the 4TN wellbeing series, you can click here to listen in.


MIND OVER MENOPAUSEclick here for the podcast

Gail and Ruby talk to Amanda Peet, of Mind Your Mind, who shares how menopause can affect you emotionally, and what to do about it. The conversation also covers suicidal thoughts as a result of menopause. This episode contains adult content.

Ruby McGuire and Gail Gibson invite you to check out their book here: They also have a link to a freebie


HOARDING STUFF   – click here for the podcast

Mandi and Amanda are aware

In this podcast Heather and Dave talk to Amanda (who is a therapist) and Mandi (her client and collaborator) about the work that they have done together. They have worked together for some time now, and have produced videos of how things have progressed. Some of these videos will be shown as part of My Hoarding Awareness week, and we hope to have more details of where you can see them in the near future. More information about the week visit,
BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN – click here for the podcast
“Do your clients need to identify and clear stuck emotions and limiting core beliefs? In this month’s podcast, we get some top tips on how they can do this by using words. Host, Jenny Butter, is joined by Amanda Peet and her client Mandi Simms. Amanda is the founder of ‘Mind Your Mind’ a technique that provides the words you can say – to yourself – out loud – to instruct the subconscious mind to release old emotions and outdated limiting beliefs.  Her client, Mandi has been featured on the Channel 5 TV programme ‘Hoarders: Buried Alive’ where she spoke about how her hoard has taken over her house. Amanda is helping Mandi release stuck emotions and limiting beliefs so that she can move forward with changing her house from a hoarded house to a happy home.”

Minding Your Mind

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